Jianhu Tongli Electric Co., Ltd.
Multifunctional protective casing
2006 year
Founded in 2006
Factory area 5000 square meters
More than 30 utility model products

Jianhu Tongli Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, specializing in the development and production of cable protection and electromagnetic shielding. The current products include shielded button casing, shielded adhesive casing, shielded zipper casing, high temperature resistant casing, acid and alkali casing, anti-static casing, wear-resistant casing, industrial robot casing, button casing , Adhesive casing, zipper casing and self-winding casing. Provide high-quality cable protection and electromagnetic shielding solutions for military industry, semiconductor equipment, high-speed rail, power equipment, automation control, medical equipment, welding equipment, elevators and other industries. Products have passed ISO9001, ROHS, VTM-0, REACH and other certifications.

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